Sneakers Pompe TravellerDog kills with teeth

Pompe TravellerDog – What I Kill with My Teeth

View of snowy mountains and paraglider when dog hiking in French Alps

Traveller Dog Hiking in the French Alps

Climbers and mountains seen during dog travel French Alps

Pompe’s Mama Goes Sightseeing on Aiguille Du Midi

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In summer, the temperature in Sweden is comfortably warm and the nature is stunning. Stockholm is sometimes referred to as Venice of the North because it's built on several islands.

Traveling in Sweden can be a bit of a challenge because dogs are banned in many places. But there are ways to have a fun vacation in Sweden with your dog. In the section Plan a Trip > Sweden you will find what you need to know about dog travel to Sweden.

A large part of the impressive European Alps are in France. The mountainous French Alp-region is stunning and known for it’s many opportunities for outdoor sports.

The French Alps is one of the areas that receive most tourists in all of Europe, so there are many facilities and services in place to accommodate visitors. In the section Plan a Trip > French Alps you will find what you need to know about dog travel to France.

Finland, located far north and bordering to Russia in the east, offers amazing lakes and wild nature.

Although Finland is part of Scandinavia, and the culture is similar to the other Scandinavian countries, the Finnish language is totally different from it’s neighbors’ languages. In the section Plan a Trip > Finland you will find what you need to know about dog travel to Finland.

Malta is a small island-nation in the Mediterranean sea with a very rich history. The little island of Malta is situated about as far south as you can get within the EU. Sicily, to the north of Malta, looks large on the map, and Libya is just 330 km away.

In the section Plan a Trip > Malta you will find what you need to know about dog travel to Malta.


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On the TravellerDog site, you can find general information and tips on how to travel with a dog. We tell you how dog-friendly different countries are, and you can find out if dogs are welcome on buses and in restaurants. You can also get tips and information on how to find dog-friendly hotels and other types of accommodation.

Apart from providing information on how to travel with a dog, Pompe, the world traveler dog, shares his dog travel stories under the section ‘Pompe’s Blog’.