You can do so much with your dog, but you can do far from all activities. If you want to do things that your dog can’t come along for, such as museums, and you don’t want to leave him/her at the hotel for many hours, there are dog-sitters and dog-hotels available in many places.

Using a dog-sitter websites such as DogBuddy is a very convenient way to find a dog-sitter on the fly. If you are not already familiar with dog-sitting websites, we recommend you become so quickly. Such sites make it easy for people who need temporary dog-sitters, while at the same time provide a nice opportunity for people who want to enjoy a dog for a day and get some extra cash. These sites also have apps, so you can easily search a dog-sitter from your phone.

Before I got Pompe I took care of a few dogs while their owners were out doing activities they couldn’t bring their dogs along on. I thought it was lovely to have the company of different dogs and even get paid a little for it.

The dog-sitting apps provide some basic insurance and guarantees that payment is adequately paid through their system upon completion. In general, dog-sitting apps work much like Airbnb.

A Dog-hotel is another option. In each country-section on this website I will link to local dog-hotels that I know about. Dog-hotels often require a minimum stay of a few days and a meeting to get to know the dog prior to the actual stay. This is usually not necessary for dog-sitting found on the DogBuddy app.