About Pompe

My name is Pompe, I am a very happy mid-sized Poodle. My curly soft fur has two colors, black and brown. I was born in July 2016, so I’m still young and playful.

My biggest interest is traveling to new places. I love smelling new smells, playing in new places, meeting new people, and I especially like meeting new animals. I once met a snake in Sweden and wanted to understand what kind of an animal I had met, so I ate the snake. The flavor was ok, I could eat a snake again.

My favorite games are tug-of-war and ripping apart toilet paper rolls, but I’m up for any game really. And trust me, I have energy to go on forever! Most people and dogs get tired way before I do.

Many humans are interested in my breed, maybe you are too? I’m a pure bred Middle Poodle and was born at a fine breeder in southern Sweden. My two-colored fur is unusual for Poodles because some countries have decided that Poodles can only have one color in order to be considered Poodles. However, this is all salami to me and my mama.

My mama got me because she is allergic to dogs, and Poodles are hypoallergenic. When reading up about the different hypoallergenic breeds, she also liked what she read about Poodles. Poodles fit her lifestyle because we are social and friendly dogs, who at the same time are agile and sporty types.

I need to have my fur cut every now and then because Poodles’ fur is a bit different than most other dogs’ furs. We don’t shed; our fur is like human hair—it grows out.

My mama says she loves me and that I’m beautiful no matter what I look like, so she usually takes a practical approach to my hair-cut. In the winter I have longer hair as it warms me up, and in the summer I have shorter hair.

Mama doesn’t like the classic Poodle haircut too much, so I haven’t had that haircut yet. However, when we lived in Stockholm I had a little beard as it was high fashion at the time, and Sweden is a fashion-conscious country, so she thought better that I fit in.

About Chris

I’m Chris, Pompe’s owner, I’m the writer of this website. Here I provide information for dog-owners who want to plan trips with their dogs. I also share my traveler dog’s everyday life in his blog, ‘Pompe’s Blog’, that I write from his perspective.

I’ve always had the travel-bug and a curious mind. I love discovering new places, cultures, perspectives and ways of doing things. I spent my 20’s backpacking to many corners of the world including Iran, New Zealand, Iceland, Kazakhstan and Barbados. I have also lived full-time in 6 countries in Europe and North America.

After all these years of traveling, I feel comfortable and at home on the road. I quickly plan out the important parts of my trips, I’m efficient in getting around places where I don’t understand the language and can’t read the signs, and I tend to make friends pretty fast. I like to think that I have a travel tip or two to share.

When I started traveling with my dog Pompe, I had difficulties finding information on traveling with dogs, so I decided to put that information out there myself.

Short after I started, I realized that there is much more interest in my dog and what he is up to than actual hands-on information about dog-pick up laws in Malta and the such. So I added ‘Pompe’s Blog – What I’ve been sniffing lately’.

One important thing, I’m no dog-expert of any kind. I’m just an ordinary dog-owner and traveler. Bear this in mind when you read my site. I’m not presenting clear facts and advice on how to treat your dog, but rather my view and experiences with Pompe.

I would be happy to hear from you, what you think of the site, if you are missing any information or have any other suggestions in general. Or of course, if you just want to tell me and Pompe that you like what we are doing, we would appreciate that too. Our email is hello@travellerdog.com